Guangxi YC Machinery Group Central Kitchen Projects

  Teemyeah its group headquarters in planning and design of the central kitchen, central processing and distribution center for its 12,000 employees the Group provides a safe, wholesome food; whole works mainly spent days Ye food machinery vegetable, meat cutting machine and a series of wash cutting equipment.
     Guangxi YC Machinery Group Company in the development of the scale has formed the core of the parent company, 18 wholly-owned, holding and joint stock companies large group framework. There YC which wholly owned construction machinery company, YC Electrical Corporation, YC Green Environmental Engineering Co., YC Chemical Co., Ltd., a total of 13; holding enterprises China Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd., YC North Film Industry Corporation, YC advanced lubrication oil companies 3; equity holding enterprises YC machines Corporation, YC accessories manufacturing company 2.



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