How to increase the use of shredder Durability

About how to increase the use shredder Durability

1, the operation before the device is placed on level ground to ensure smooth and reliable machine placement; determine device plugs good contact, no release, no water stains;

2, check the belt rotating barrel or whether a foreign body, if foreign matter must be clean in order to avoid damage to the tool;3, operation, adjustment depending on the desired cutting mode selection processing Aquatica, centrifugal melon potato slicer for slicing hard vegetables, vertical knife portion can be soft leafy vegetables or cut sheet processed into blocks of different sizes, Ding, diamond and other shapes;

4, the installation vertical knife, first turn the adjustable eccentric, so that line to the lower dead point knife, then lift the knife 1-2 mm, so that vertical knife after contact with the belt, tighten the nut to vertical knife fastened to the tool holder. If the turret lift height is small, it is possible with a knife vegetables, if turret lift height is too large, there may be bad cut belt;

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