Teemyeah cautioned - combat fake combat counterfeiting, is everyone's responsibility

Our customers:

Recently, various regions of the country there are people who fake "Teemyeah" Taiwanese company personnel to sell various types of food machinery. Especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have found a customer after another taken to safeguard the interests of customers, clients please contact staff with Teemyeah, please check the website of the "Contact Us" Ye confirm is authentic days, then line contact, beware fooled.


The real teemyeah Beijing company

   In response to the Beijing Olympics needs of our customers, Teemyeah Beijing Company was founded in 2007 Liyuan Town, Tongzhou District, was first established, for the Beijing Olympics feeding immediately make a contribution.

        In the business growth process, there are some bad guys run enterprise employees to study the loopholes in Beijing Tongzhou Zhangjiawan somewhere establish another company, lied to get the authorization of a company in Taiwan, carrying "Teemyeah" under the banner of high-priced sales to customers shoddy and counterfeit goods, and some customers are already being taken in, bought a so-called Teemyeah machines, not Teemyeah related services, in addition to causing "Teemyeah" hurt the company's brand, but also for so many years that Taiwan's machinery created by the reputation of being hurt.

     North Pacific customers to enjoy true Teemyeah mechanical pre-service and after-sales service, be sure to find the real Teemyeah Beijing Branch cailiqun 18901130986 (Beijing, Tongzhou, pear).


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