How should I use the kitchen slicing and Precautions

Now, some large-scale food processing equipment began to enter people's sight, but people's understanding of these large-scale equipment, but also profound simple here today to tell you about how to use the kitchen slicing and precautions.

  Kitchen chop bone guillotine for small kitchen life in modern life while cutting bone strenuous guillotine designed according to the traditional kind of product, mainly for household knives cut the bones in trouble, easy to damage the blade, strenuous effort inefficient situation designed. Products are mainly used for cutting food kitchen difficult to produce, for example, poultry, ribs, leg bones and other difficult to cut materials.
This product safe and simple to use, easy to clean. This product is mainly composed of two parts a middle Trench plastic, one with a short handle, stainless steel knife, this knife tip inserted Mucao in a fixed position. As long as single-handedly going to get food into small guillotine cut on the plane, and the other hand holding the handle down hard, the food was cut down.
   Kitchen chop bone small guillotine, the rectangular slot at the security role has its fixed parts, bones and other food to prevent sliding back and forth. Use kitchen meat slicer should pay attention to the problems
1, do not put your hands inside depth guillotine, to prevent accidental injury
2, to a small guillotine flat on the kitchen table or other location, to prevent damage caused by tilting
3, after use just with the flow of water can be cleaned, cleaning is simple and convenient.
Everyone to eat, and everyone cut food, but often encountered in daily life ice meat, fish, ice and other frozen foods, poultry fish and other holidays cut a large body of meat and fish with bones, excessive force with a kitchen knife, and the easy to damage the blade. With machetes, axes chop cut, the opponent is very safe, very noisy, especially large urban building acoustics, very civilized.
Use kitchen Zhaqie machine, safe, light, no noise, cut neatly, and everyone apply.

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