The operation is very simple shredder

Vegetable cutter machine uses half and half adjusting disk structure, no need to replace the blade, simply use different hoppers, and the board can be carried out automatically inverted switch shredded or sliced work are carrots, potatoes, medium blue head, sweet potatoes, etc. fruits and vegetables, sliced or shredded ideal kitchen equipment.

Shredder operation is very simple, its working principle is imitation stone effect, mainly by the effect of knife, such as cut vegetables, vegetable machine by first adjusting eccentric adjustable cut long segment, placed directly after a good tune into the machine conveyor belt automatic transmission, automatic shut off and if cut potato silk, sliced and then by the first knife cut wire.

But pay attention Oh, sliced device for hard vegetables (carrots, potatoes, fruits, potatoes) slice thickness of 1-10 mm fully adjustable; should pay attention when you are chopping thicker diameter (greater than 30 mm) the film effect is good, easy diced, diameter-hour film or small will clutter. vegetable processing surface is smooth, rule, well-organized, keeping hand-cut effect; reciprocating vertical knife the knife into the dish slice or soft vegetables (leek, celery) cut straight wire or segment, curve wire, Fang Ding (or shaped knife) belt every time you move freely adjusted from 1-20 mm. the adjustment amount is the wire segment width.

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