Vegetable cutter machine uses half and half adjusting disk structure

As the market continues to promote the mechanization and expanding production scale, manual operation can not meet the production requirements of the contemporary food, food machinery has thus developed rapidly. Shredder as one fruit and vegetable processing equipment, high production efficiency, affordable, gradually popular in the food industry. On the chopping machine market prospects.

   Vegetable cutter machine uses half and half adjusting disk structure, no need to replace the blade, simply use different hoppers, and the board can be carried out automatically inverted switch shredded or sliced work, radish, potato, medium blue head, sweet potatoes, etc. fruits and vegetables, sliced or shredded ideal kitchen equipment. Among them, the multifunction shredder particular attention. Guangdong Sui Wah versatile shredder for the double type shredder can work simultaneously, one for cutting leafy vegetables: Can be cut into long strips onions, garlic, chives, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc.; another bulbous head for cutting class: Can Qieluo Bo, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, onions, melons, eggplant and so on. Vegetables can be cut into sections, blocks, sheets, wire, Ding and other shapes, suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, food processing plants and other uses.

   Improve labor productivity is an important way to achieve mechanization. Shredder production to production and life brings convenience, saving labor time and increase productivity, as long as more active and innovative, ambitious believes its market prospects.

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