Total consumption of domestic tool market quickly recovered and exceeded the highest level in history

In recent years, several high-end manufacturing technology to the tool brings new requirements. Such as automotive tool must have high efficiency, high stability and characteristics of specialization , and with the continuous development of the automobile industry forward, new requirements have emerged , from the technical point of view , there are heavy , complex , specialized , standardized , high-speed and species diversification trend. In the aerospace manufacturing sector , with the titanium , high temperature alloys and other difficult materials widely used , how to properly select , rational use of high-quality tool for efficient machining has become a very important industry-specific topics.

   According to Shen bolstering introduced in the 2009 financial crisis, rampant domestic tool market 's overall consumer credit fell by only 15 %, while consumption in developed countries is generally tool market fell by 40 % to 45% . But just a year later, driven by strong demand in the manufacturing sector , the total consumption of domestic tool market quickly recovered and exceeded the highest level in history , reaching a record high of 33 billion yuan .

2011 domestic tool market is still maintained rapid growth , is expected to create new historical highs. "Statistics show that only half of the domestic tool market to achieve a 25% to 30 % growth, although the growth rate since the beginning of July has dropped slightly, but still achieve 15% annual growth ." Shen bolstering representation . In comparison, in recent years, the international tool market remains stable recovery, but a conservative estimate of the average annual growth rate remained at only 3% to 5 %, while the domestic market has experienced rapid growth over last year after years will gradually remain stable average annual growth rate of 10 % to 15 %, therefore, the domestic market capacity growth will be the tool than the international market more than three times faster .

Therefore , Shen bolstering that China has become the world's most promising tool big market, and many multinational Tool Group is also the era of post-crisis development strategies , without exception, regarded to expand sales in China as the preferred tool , businesses Asia-Pacific headquarters , R & D centers , training centers, logistics centers have settled in China , so China as the center of radiation in Asia , more direct and convenient service to customers , to better meet the special needs of customers in Asia Pacific .

Chinese market has been subject to such attention, due largely to Chinese market share in its global market share to occupy an increasing proportion . In order to firmly grasp the Chinese market, foreign manufacturers are cutting tools carefully studied Chinese equipment industry needs, such as Seco Tools was established in the development of the industry this year , aims to industry as the research object , focused on providing a typical component manufacturing industry solution. The department is responsible for a respective technical experts in key industries , concerned industry developments , industry application of the tool to resolve the technical problems , irregular applications for industrial customers organize training tool .


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